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Queen of Power Ballads Celine Dion cancels world tour due to Rare disease SPS. Celine Dion the Canadian pop singer popularly known as the Queen of Power Ballads across the globe has cancelled her concerts scheduled in 2024 amidst being diagnosed with a rare one-in-a-million disease called Stiff person syndrome. The singer celebrated to have super technical skills in singing for various genres of music from Pop & Rock to R & B, Gospel and even classical music is now struggling to stand on her feet literally and has hence called off the world tour indefinitely. The sad and unfortunate part though is that given the condition of the disease it seems less likely that she would be ever able to perform at a concert like ever before.

How severe is the Stiff-person syndrome (SPS). This disease is found in patients having high glutamic acid and decarboxylase (GAD) antibody levels. This is a rare neurologic order that gradually turns the muscles rigid and restricts movement by causing stiffness. While the cause of this disease is not clearly known, it progresses by mainly affecting the truncal muscles. One experiences severe pain, whilst undergoing spasms and the body posture gets compromised. This disease was first described to the world in 1956 and is mostly found in middle aged people. A one in a million rare disease Celine Dion is obviously the unlucky one to be affected by it.



Sick Celine Dion

The risks and challenges associated with SPS. A stiff person patient experiences acute pain in the muscles of the trunk causing an abnormal posture due the pressure on the back thereby restricting range of motion. In some patient’s chest pain, blood pressure, sweating anxiety and shortness of breath is seen too. The gait and balance get impacted due to SPS and the patient tends to fall suddenly. In some cases, sudden spasms, rapid movements of face, hands and feet are seen, and these spasms lasts for minutes and recur later. What is further disturbing is that the patient has unusual eye movements and is at the risk of having vertigo.

Will Celine Dion be back to her fitness or even normalcy? Unfortunately, this ailment is not completely curable, and which is why Celine has been advised by her doctors to defer the world tour as she is being treated with the available limited medical options. Patients suffering from SPS at an escalated level of the ailment need wheelchair and nursing support to even exercise their regular chores and therefore Celine is taking caution hitherto.

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The legend of Celine Dion goes on… Celine is undoubtedly one of the greatest singers in music in the world. She has to her credit record sales of a whopping 200 million worldwide and is the best-selling Canadian artiste ever. She has recorded in multiple languages in the world particularly in French, whereby she is lauded as the most selling French artist. She is the winner of five Grammy Awards Celine she has two honorary music doctorates from Universite Laval and Berklee College of music to her credit. Billboard has crowned her as the Queen of Adult Contemporary Songs and IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry has honored for selling over 50 million copies in Europe. Celine ranks sixth amongst all time best performing female soloist in Billboard 200 history. The Los Angeles times in 2009 recognized Dion as the decade’s top earning artist for bagging a staggering 747 million dollars revenue with combined sales through album sales and concert revenue. Her net-worth is valued at approximately 800 million dollars and beyond. Celine Dion featured in Forbes at the third position as the richest woman in the world entertainment in the year 2021.

Music and stars that influenced Celine Dion Celine was both influenced by Pop and rock music. Love was the central theme of her songs. The Titanic song My heart will go on is simply poetic justice to her style of singing. It was Michael Jackson that inspired her to become successful as a performer and she did well to climb up higher and higher all along her career.

Celebrated English Songs and Albums of Celine Dion

 English-language studio albums

 Unison (1990)

 Celine Dion (1992)

 The Colour of My Love (1993)

 Falling into You (1996)

 Let's Talk About Love (1997)

 These Are Special Times (1998)

 A New Day Has Come (2002)

 One Heart (2003)

 Miracle (2004)

 Taking Chances (2007)

 Loved Me Back to Life (2013)

What holds for Celine Dion in future?

While immediately Celine Dion may be out of action, her fans pray and hope that she will continue her association with the music. She has created an unforgettable melodious and soul warming legacy of blissful singing for millions of music lovers across the world. While a concert might be a farfetched possibility, an unplugged album or renditions over social media platforms by Dion in her inimitable style is what one hopes to look forward to. For a strong lady who has come this long this hurdle should not be difficult to cross. Like her song her singing should go on too.

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